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Our clients

Our client groups include in particular small and medium-sized enterprises from all regions of the world and many areas of business and public administration, e.g.

Education, Science & Research

Financial services

Leisure, tourism, gastronomy


Industry and craft

IT and telecommunications

Logistics and transportation

Media and culture

Medicine and health

Corporate service providers (e.g. personnel consulting, management consulting)

Suppliers and disposers

Associations, clubs, public & non-profit institutions

  • One of the largest statutory pension insurance institutions in Germany with locations throughout the country. This institution also handles the collective tasks of all pension insurance entities.
    We developed software as part of the core system's advancement for this client.


  • An upper federal authority reporting directly to the Federal Chancellor.
    For this client, we further developed and maintained an automatic archiving system for incoming news reports.


  • Another customer is a major German mobile phone provider. We executed a model-based (post-)documentation of an internal control system for them, and we also enhanced the fault management system.
  • One of the world's largest transport companies and operator of Europe's largest railway infrastructure.
    We assisted this client in developing a tracking and billing system for cross-border freight transport.


  • An independent scientific institution advising the German Bundestag, the Federal Government, and the Chancellor on all foreign and security policy matters.
    We further developed this customer's document archiving system.


  • A provider of rainwater collection and harvesting systems. Their systems are utilized by tens of thousands of customers in the UK. Their range includes garden irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting systems, and all the necessary additives for associated installations.
    We created an internet presence, including a webshop and payment system, for this client and continue to manage and maintain it.

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