Solutions partnership

The Solutions Partnership is aimed at companies that want to provide independent services for their customers on the basis of or with the help of i-taros and thus achieve their own added value.

You can achieve this, for example, by

  • Advising your customers during the introduction and use of i-taros regarding process optimisation,
  • Developing requirements and concepts for customised adaptation and expansion of i-taros and thus contributing to optimal system solutions for your customers,
  • Designing and creating new applications based on i-taros,
  • Bringing i-taros into productive use within the framework of independent projects for system introduction at the customers' and supporting them with ongoing administration and support services,
  • Expanding your software-as-a-service portfolio as providers of application service providing or cloud computing,
  • Developing other applications and integrating them with i-taros, thereby increasing the system's application possibilities and benefits,
  • Developing content and integrating it into i-taros,
  • Carrying out CRM measures and social media marketing campaigns as a service for their customers, using the functions integrated in i-taros for this purpose.
  • Creating websites and/or webshops for your customers and connecting them to i-taros, thus automating the customer's processes.
  • And much more.

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